Small Rebellions by Claire Hennessy

It’s inevitable that the bed feels too empty, that the television blasts through the walls along with Conor’s laughter, that she ends up knotting her dressing-gown around her waist and curling up next to him on the couch. Inevitable that his hands undo that knot, his fingers sliding against bare skin, and that when his tongue works its magic between her thighs it’s impossible to remember that the walls are paper-thin.

The October 2015 edition of Long Story, Short Journal by Irish writer Claire Hennessy is a reminder of the importance, even now, of Virginia Woolf's dictum: "A woman must have money and a room of her own..." if she is to be an artist. 'Small Rebellions' is the portrait of a talented young woman struggling against the tide of duty, obligation, and everyday minutiae, which is dragging her away from her own work inch by inch. Also featured in this edition is Marianna Santikou's photo 'Missed Opportunity'. READ 'SMALL REBELLIONS'.