The Long Story, Short is a literary journal that publishes a short story every month, favouring tales that take their time. Longer than flash; fewer strings attached than a novel.

We are an exclusively online publication, publishing new stories on a monthly basis. Only one story will be published at a time, for optimal opportunities to promote the most current author's work. This format, rather than multiple stories across 2 or 3 annual issues, reflects contemporary reading habits, and provides the readership new material on a regular basis. The Long Story, Short literary journal aims to provide authors a link to their work on the web that they'll be proud to share, and readers a quality source for stimulating and engaging literature.


Jennifer Matthews is from the USA, but has made her home in Ireland for well over a decade now, and is a citizen of both countries. A graduate from the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Northumbria, she writes poetry and literary criticism, and is the founder and editor-in-chief of Long Story, Short Journal. Her day job is doing administration work for the Munster Literature Centre. Find out more about her at

Editorial Assistant

Monica Strina is from Sardinia, Italy. She is an author and freelance editor, and has published short stories in Italy, Ireland and the U.S., and a short novel and poem in Italy. In 2007/8 she attended an MPhil in Creative Writing in Trinity College Dublin, and edited the course anthology, Sixteen after Ten. She was awarded the Lonely Voice prize from The Irish Writers’ Centre for her short story ‘The Fisherman’, and received two mentions of honour from the American literary magazine Glimmer Train Press. She loves hiking, swimming, reading, and baking. Currently, she lives and works in Southampton, UK.

We're a literary magazine that wants it all. We want to be free of charge for readers who mightn't be able to afford subscriptions, but also believe contributing writers and artists should be paid for their work. If you have a bit of cash to spare, and have enjoyed the stories we've been publishing monthly since 2012, we'd be delighted if you could help support our cause. We've been down the road of 'tip jars' and funding applications, sadly to no avail. Can you spare some change for the arts? Please visit and share our Indiegogo fundraising page .


Long Story, Short Journal is a labour of love. Web-hosting is paid out of pocket by the editor in chief, and staff members are unpaid volunteers. Any donations towards the hosting of the site are most welcome (see below).