Interstate by Patrick Chapman

Photo © Patrick Warner.

Now there was the road. Now there was the desert road flashing by, and Michio’s car, a Chevy Impala, which Oliver had borrowed without asking. Rufus the dog was present in the aftermath of her fur. She was a bitch collie but Michio had decided to give her a male name. He had thought it funny to do so. It was a political statement too. Oliver was not quite sure what he’d meant by that.

The September 2015 edition of Long Story, Short Journal is 'Interstate' by Irish writer / poet / screenwriter, Patrick Chapman. 'Interstate' is a fractured David-Lynchian fairytale which explores how trauma can trigger an inescapable loop of regret and rumination, rendering even time powerless to heal. This month's edition also features a photo by American photographer Patrick Warner. READ 'INTERSTATE'.