School of Life

Photo © Jorinde Reijnierse

It sounded like a reply to a lonely hearts ad. And wasn’t he making his belated approach way too personal (as well as way too late)? Christ, she was only some movie industry woman he had talked to at a party, admittedly the first soirée in years he had felt mentally able to attend. Did he, in fact, come across as the type of dangerous individual whose innocuous email begins a decade of stalking?

'School of Life' is a portrait of a writer fueled by a sense of entitlement who becomes obsessed with the object of his rejection, a darker ancestor of Gogol's 'Overcoat'. London-based Jude Cook is the author of the novel 'Byron Easy'. Dutch photographer Jorinde Reijnierse provides the image for the April 2014 edition. CLICK HERE TO READ 'SCHOOL OF LIFE'.