The Frieze of Life by M.S. Pallister

Seven in the morning, I came down to the reception with a duvet wrapped over my pyjamas. The heating in my room had stopped working, again.

'What's the nature of your complaint?' asked the receptionist.

'You're joking, right? I was down here three times yesterday.'

She stared at me, unflinching.

'The nature of my complaint is that my fingers are too bloody numb to type a text to my ex-girlfriend.'

A story of gentle humour and humanity to cool you off in the July heat! M.S. Pallister brings her readers to wintry Oslo in 'The Frieze of Life', where a lovelorn man wanders the Munch museum, dines with strangers in hotels, and spends long afternoons in coffee shops waiting for his last love to come back into his life. READ 'THE FRIEZE OF LIFE'.