Limbos by Stuart Snelson

Photo © Jenni Adamitis

"Contemplating the amassed seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months of irretrievable time wasted in this way, he wondered how they might better be served. He imagined time’s off-cuts, almost insignificant in themselves, pieced together, a patchwork of time passed uneventfully. The awkward lulls between events, every finger tapping, foot pacing, clock watching moment stitched together: an assemblage of salvaged time."

Long Story, Short Journal's May 2015 edition is 'Limbos' : a tale of fathers, daughters, tattoos, and time. Stuart Snelson's tightly woven, poetic prose makes for enjoyable reading, heightening very familiar scenarios of anxieties and loss to experiences of transcendent beauty. CLICK HERE TO READ 'LIMBOS'.