Welcome to the home of long short stories.

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We're a literary magazine that wants it all. We want to be free of charge for readers who mightn't be able to afford subscriptions, but also believe contributing writers and artists should be paid for their work. If you have a bit of cash to spare, and have enjoyed the stories we've been publishing monthly since 2012, we'd be delighted if you could help support our cause. We've been down the road of 'tip jars' and funding applications, sadly to no avail. Can you spare some change for the arts? Please visit and share our Indiegogo fundraising page!

We love short shorts. Flash is fantastic. But as the great short story is shrinking to 3000 words or less in many literary journals, we've begun to wonder Where have all the long short stories gone? The Long Story, Short Journal is the home of stories 4000 words or longer. One story will be published every month. Think of us as the literary equivalent of the slow food movement. (For guidelines, check out the Submissions page.) We are also seeking original artwork and photography which will accompany the stories.